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For years, I painted still life and landscape in various media before settling on abstract. Like most artists, I painted fruit, fish, birds, seashells,and flowers. Those images are still in my heart, but I came to realize that they held me down—I came to believe that trying to recreate these images amounted to competing with God’s world. Painting abstract keeps me safe .

When I'm Painting

“Chaos” characterizes my work. Color fuels it. The chaos depends on the day. It may be characterized by beauty, pain, red, green or simply a reflection of life.

When I begin a painting, I don’t have an image or even a subject in mind. The paintings evolve — almost on their own. I seek balance of form, texture, color, light and depth.I'm finding that I'm working with an understanding that's already inside me.It's almost like I keep finding myself over and over.

When that balance and depth is achieved, the painting is finished. A piece should be able to stand alone.Not a stroke more,not a stroke less.I consider my paintings pure aesthetic, not depictions of any object or idea. Paradoxically, depending on my mood or circumstance, I can view finished paintings at different times and experience different reactions to them. For that reason, my work is intensely personal to me and to anyone viewing it.

A Few Of My Thoughts...
A bittersweet feeling comes to my mind so much of the time when I’m working. Joy is the journey, as well as the process. At the end of the day a tree is pretty abstract. The reason we don’t see it as abstract is that we have a name for it and recognize it as being familiar.

If I don’t work in my studio, my mind seems to find other outlets for that creativity. Days I know I need to get out a canvas are on days I look in the mirror and realize I have on  cat eyes and tons of turquoise eye shadow that isn't  flattering. I knew I wanted to be an artist when I used the Maybelline eye shadows in Ben Franklin dime store on paper as well as my face.
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